Rozkład Jazdy PKP – Cookie policy

Cookie policy

The following companies store information in the form of cookies and other similar technologies in users’ terminal equipment and gain access to the same:

  • TK Telekom spółka z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Kijowskiej 10/12 A. 
  • Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. with its registered office at ul. Szczęśliwickiej 62

Cookies are not used for identifying the user and the user’s identity is not established on their basis. 
Cookies are used by PKP SA and TK Telekom particularly for the following purposes:

  • making the website available to users,
  • adjusting the Website to needs of users, 
  • generating viewing statistics for the Website subpages, 
  • generating performance statistics for the websites and visits of users for internal purposes and clients,
  • showing advertisements on the websites – particularly for the purpose of determining the contents of advertisements displayed on a given terminal equipment.

A user may at any time delete the stored cookies, or block the storage of cookies, with use of options available in the user’s browser. TK Telekom and PKP SA advise that deleting or blocking the option of storing cookies may hinder or even make impossible using the Website’s functions.